Thursday, February 25, 2010

NDIS Word Art Challenge

I spoke with my DD in London today and she told me they were planning a trip to DisneyLand Paris in June this year. It has been my 'heart's desire' to go to Paris, but it is unlikely that it will happen anytime soon for John and I. That lead to us reminiscing about our trip to Germany back in 1999 and how it would be wonderful to just rent a suitable van for us and travel around Great Britain and Europe one more time. I told him I'd even give up our plans for a new kitchen for a trip......Anyway, I go to one of my favourite digi-scrapping sites and see a Word Art challenge "The Time of Our Lives". Yep! You guessed it, I had to scrap some of our photos from that trip and this is the result.

Hillside Morning by D. Cozzi
Word Art by - Nadine's Art Scraps

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anne & John celebrate their birthdays

Pictures of John and Anne on their combined birthday celebration. Ron picked up a fantastic chocolate cake from a bakery in Kitchener. Linda & Nicholle came over as well to help the 'birthday people' celebrate, Dan was their, too and cut this huge cake into eight slices. Believe me, no one wanted a second piece which was good because they would have been outta luck.

Kit used:
A Wonderful World by Connie Prince

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Johnny K

The last thing John thought I would get him for his birthday was a visit from four of his buddies from Toronto. We had moved from Toronto to PEI and he was really missing his friends, so I started planning in October for a February surprise birthday. Now he wants to know what other secrets I have kept......shhh! I'm not telling! This was waaaayyy back in 2004, but I forgot to put the date on the layout. My bad!

Kit(s) used:
The Good Life by Julie Marie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ADSR5 Challenge # 2

Info about kits used to create this layout:

alphas: 5 from Numbered from My ABC's by simply.scraps
THINGS from My ABC's by simply.scraps
I from Squid Ink by LNS
fonts: love - fontdinerdotcom, about - Ironclad, Prince Edward Island - Harlow Solid Italic
5 frame elements from Squid Ink by CBR
sand-coloured background paper from Aiden by Meredith Cardall
red and blue background papers from Squid Ink by LNS & CBR
Basic Waves by Sweet Digi Scraps
all other elements from Squid Ink by CBR & LNS

I've been remiss in posting here....

.....ever since Amazing Digital Race 5  (a.k.a. ADSR5) began on Feb 6th. In order to catch up, here are my last three layouts I have completed.

Gotta Pixel Sketch Challenge

Kit(s) used:
Your Sweetness is My Weakness by Connie Prince

Then we have the GP Font Fever Challenge.

Kit(s) used:
Dino Stomp by Coliescorner

And finally, I was at a new site, Scrappity Doo-Dah, and participated in one of their Speed Scraps. I love this layout because it's so very different for me.

Kit(s) used:
Zoomsters by Sara Ellis
Oh Snap! by Coliescorner

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Song

I created this layout for the Featured Designer Challenge at Gotta Pixel. We needed to incorporate the lyrics of a love song into the page. Because of the kit I chose, So Into You by Flutter Expressions, and the deep richness of the colours, it made me think of the deep, rich voice of Tony Bennett and I could hear his signature song in my head.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

0 to nuts in 10 seconds

Phil, Kristyn I swear Jackson was just acting here. He did not have a temper-tantrum, we were just playing around so I could get some cool pictures for scrapping. I mean really, have you ever seen him have a tantrum? C' was really fun. Make sure Jack gets to see this page, please.

Kits used:
How He Rolls Elements by Bella Gypsy
How He Rolls Papers by Bella Gypsy

Kit used:
My Sweet Girl by Julie Marie