Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shoes, did someone say shoes?

Ava is in love with her shoes and wears them all day, every day, except for nap & bed times. I think she likes how they sound tap, tapping on the floor. I created the word art myself.

I won the big prize at Bingo on Saturday which was hosted by Rachel of Captivated Visions. I received a $10 voucher to shop at Laura Berger's shop and I chose two kits. Reminiscent, used here, was one of them.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best in Show - Skye takes the prize!

Here is Skye picking up the Best in Show prize on Easter Sunday. No surprise that she won again with her pirate costume!

Owen & James - Best Buds

I used a recent photo sent to my by Kirsten for tonight's speed scrap with Connie Prince over at Gotta Pixel.

All Ears by Jamie Dell Scraps
Breakthrough Papers by Helena Jole

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well it finally happened!

I was perusing the gallery at Scrappity Doo Dah and there was this layout that, on first glance, just captured my eye. I looked closer and thought, wow, that little girl looks just like Ava. I enlarged the layout to see who had been using pictures of my granddaughter and discovered it was one of mine I had created. I couldn't believe it. Looking back over previous posts it seems that I never did post it on my blog. So, without further adieu, here is the layout I didn't recognize as my own. Geez I'm getting old!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Speed Scrap @ Scrappity-Doo-Dah & Connie Prince

Here's the layout I created for tonight's speed scrap. Kirsten sent me a bunch of photos of Owen & James and I love the one of James sleeping while being pedealled around a park by Mom!

Pedal Pusher by Connie Prince
Krafty Circle Alpha by Julie Marie (no longer available)

Don't you just hate it when...... download something to your computer, you know it's there but can't find it? Then, one day you see it and change the name so you can find it again and then, when you want it, it's disappeared again. Well, that's exactly what happened to me. I saw the Breakthrough Papers in someone's layout, loved it, found them, purchased them and didn't want to use them until months later. Couldn't find them, posted on three separate message boards and was lucky enough to have the lady who made the original layout I love respond. I located the creator's blog, We do it the Hard Way by Helena Jole, sent her an email and, voila, she not only told me where I could buy them, but sent me a coupon as well. I love that lady! So after all that, here's my first layout using Breakthrough Papers. Thanks again, Helena.

I'll definitely use the Breakthrough Papers again 'cause now I have all of 'em, square, rectangular and circular! YAY me!

The little monster faces are from Under the Bed, a daily download last October from Inspiration Lane.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Speed Scrap Time!

There was a speed scrap today at Ginger Scraps. Not being able to turn down a speed scrap, here's what I created.

The main kit is Mayhem by Bella Gypsy and the stitching is from Mr. Cuddle Monkey by Meredith Cardall.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Survivor - Week 3 -- I'm Hungry

Ginger Scraps Survivor game is now in Week 3 and we had to do a layout involving our favourite food that we're missing. Me, I'm a cake fan.......can you tell?


Background paper - Midnight Musings by Captivated Visions, Alpha is from Baked Goods by Jennifer Barrette, cupcakes from Made with Love by Coliescorner.
Fonts: - "glorious" - Caberet LET; journalling is Tekton Pro.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another challenge completed

This time it was to selectively colour a part of a photograph.

Basic Embossed Papers by Lindsay Jane
Monica, Bellis Perennis both by Captivated Visions
ExLibris by Kmess

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Morning Mist by Lindsay Jane

Wild Friends

I made this for April's Simply Sketchy challenge by Simply.Scraps at Gotta Pixel.

I don't think I'll ever recover from having a bear in my front yard!

Oh Sun Shiny Day by Captivated Visions

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Owen & James are so talented!

I've been meaning to do this for a while now and last night while I was drifting off to sleep, I had a "creative moment" when I just knew how to display these great works of art.

There's a new designer at Gotta Pixel and her name is Lindsay Jane. While looking through her shop, I saw Art & Craft kit and decided that was the kit to use for this layout. Check out her shop here.

The alpha is from L'il Arteest by Sweet Digi Scraps and the greenery is from Fresh Country by A+ Designs.