Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've been busy lately, look below!

I made this just for fun. I used Tangy by Sherri Tierney which I purchased at Inspiration Lane. Remember, if you have trouble viewing in IE, go to Firefox which works well.

The next two are for challenges at Elemental Scraps. I just joined their forum a few days ago and love it. Go check it out.

This is for an Inspiration Challenge for week of Aug 24th. The mini-kit was free and by designed by Sharia Braxton for this challenge.

Next up is a Scraplift Challenge at Elemental Scraps. For this, someone chooses a layout by one of the other members and we use the basic layout to make our challenge creation. In this case, the layout belongs to "mrsduke2u". I misinterpreted the instructions and thought we could use any layout by mrsduke2u. This is the first one I did.

The above layout was created using the kit called, JBarrette OUR Mini by Jennifer Barrette.

After reading the post again, I realized that we were to scraplift the page shown to us, so here is my second page for this challenge.

This layout was creating using Shades of Bliss by Meredith.

Well, if you've read this far, thank you. I'll try to keep my posts to one layout at a time, but I had to get caught up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini-kit challenges twice per month! WOW!

Do you ever bring home mega-$$$ in groceries and the kids turn around and say, "You didn't buy anything good to eat!". Makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn't it! Now it's payback time. These are the grandkids scrounging around in their parents' cupboard. Sweet!

This layout was created for a mini-challenge at Inspiration Lane. These challenges are presented twice-monthly. You download the mini-kit and then create a layout that uses EVERY PIECE on your layout! This month's kit is entitled, "HaPPYnEsS Mini Madness" by Jen Yurko. What a great kit and thank you so much, Jen.

Here's my entry for this challenge.

Thanks for dropping by. Please, come back again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding Montage

My son was married last October and now that I'm "dallying" (hence, Digi-Dallies) with digital scrapbooking, I decided it was high time I made a lovely page from the wedding of Andrew and Sheena. Last week we were given a lovely, framed photo as a gift and memento of their wedding. It's the photo that is the faded one on this layout and I thought that particular photo would make a lovely background, with a couple of other photos showing more prominently. So I did it my way!

Claudi Designs
Jessica Sprague

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Trends & Techniques Challenge

Another place that has great challenges is Inspiration Lane. You can even earn points by using products from their store on your layouts, but it's not necessary. Now, before you go check out the link there is a disclaimer on the home page that states their site works better with Firefox, rather than IE. It's up to you. If you can't see it properly on Internet Explorer, switch over to Firefox. I get it on both with no trouble. So, having said that, head on over to Inspiration Lane; check out their boutique, then the forums, gallery and the blog, too!

Each month there is a challenge for Trends & Techniques. Here is my entry for the August challenge.

The technique was to use two photographs and blend them together. Very cool! I chose my favourite photo of a beach in Prince Edward Island and a family dinner photo. I've always wanted to have dinner on the beach, so I pretend.....and love it.

Papers: Ellen M (Inspiration Lane)
Date Strip: K Pertiet (Digital Designers)
Flourishes: K Pertiet (Jessica Sprague's Now We're Rockin' class)
Fonts: Porcelain, Vintage

Scrapping Heritage photos

My Dad was in WWII and, while he was overseas in Europe, he sent my Mom several small photographs of himself and his buddies. Many of those precious photos have been lost or so scarred they don't scan well, but this one wasn't in too bad a shape for using on a scrapbook page. I plan on doing more 'heritage' style pages in the future and this is my first one. All products were purchased from Heritage Scrap, but this kit is by Roberta T. Designs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If I had ______, I would _________!

That is the theme for the challenge The LilyPad. Each week, there is a new challenge, so I decided I would play along today. Here is my digital scrapbook page.

This was a fun challenge and the only rule is that the page must be at least 75% LilyPad products. That's not a problem for me as I love their kits and pages and everything! The background paper is from Pocketful of Sunshine by J. Larsen, the glitter around the wand is from Wedding Bliss by J. Desai, the main image, except for the face which is "moi" is from Fancy Dressers by Kate Hadfield and all the elements like the purse, lingerie, shoes, presents, hat, etc. is from Glamour Girls, also by Kate Hadfield. And, I want everything you see, including the body that would fit into the dresses and lingerie!

Anyway, go check out the challenge and why not join in? It's fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Doesn't Owen look like he's having a ball. One thing about scrapbooking is that the post is actually on the layout. It tells the story, which is exactly what a scrapbook page should do. However, what it doesn't do is give credit to the products used in the making of this page.

Giving credit is extremely important and I fully understand this. But, I find this to be a huge problem and it's mostly because I don't have a good system for filing all the goodies I have on my computer. If you see something you know is your work, and I have not given credit for it, please, please let me know. I'm new at this type of scrapbooking and filing was never a strong suit with me, but I promise I will do the best I can to give credit.

ScrapGirls, Ellen Massey of Inspiration Lane
Ellen Massey of Inspiration Lane

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello and Welcome to Digi-Dallies

As my first post, I want to welcome you and hope you continue to come back and follow along on my journey into digital scrapbooking. Here are some of the reasons I enjoy digi-scrapping:

** Loads of freebies to help you get started
** No mess in my craft room
** There are some fabulous tutorials to help me out
** I have millions of pictures I need to preserve
** Can make new cyber-friends
** I now know you * CAN * teach an old lady new tricks!

While on my journey I will add links to new places I visit and new people I meet who are also interested in digi-scrapping. I will try to participate in challenges so that I can grow my skills. Over the course of the next few days, I'll be tweaking my blog until it looks just like I want it to look, so there may not be a new post for a few days.

Okay, I'm off now to start tweaking. Please, come back and visit me soon. In the meantime, here's a page I made of my treasures, aka grandchildren.

Some Supplies from Strawberry Lemonade kit