Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some pretty pictures!

This is my sister. She was a regular visitor to PEI when we lived in Summerside. It was always a treat to have family come to stay.

Kit: Footprints in the Sand by Captivated Visions

We went to this marine museum in PEI and there was a baby seal without a mama seal in sight. He looked so lost and forlorn I started making cooing noises. Well, the poor thing must have thought I was mama because as I walked around the pool, he followed me. I could hardly bring myself to leave.

Kit: Whale of a Good Time by Connie Prince

Each year Holland College, in PEI, sponsored a staff appreciation day for the faculty. This is a place by DH visited the first year he taught in PEI. It was a lovely little yellow house with amazing gardens.

Kit: Reminiscent by Laura Burger

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