Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twisted Pixels and Red photos

The Twisted Pixels challenge, hosted by Isabel Mendez is so much fun. Isabel selects two layouts, then combines them into a template for the challenge. You can read about it here and see my layout below.

Isn't she adorable. I'm totally biased, of course!

Next is the Project 52 Challenge hosted by Stacy Carlson. This week's challenge is to take pictures focussing on the colour RED! Here are my photos.

 This is the bottom shelf in my cupboard. Seems everything is there and that's because I can't reach anything but the first shelf. LOL!

 This is a Christmas card from my daughter and her family in England. Let me go on record right now saying that the Brits have THE best cards. And, it's because of those great cards that I got into cardmaking and scrapbooking! So there!

The Jello looks good and, in addition, I get to show off the dinner napkins I made for Christmas 2003 in PEI. These are the same napkins that drive my husband crazy. I put bells on them because it was for Christmas and I like the sound of jingling bells! So there, again!

I'll be back tomorrow with some macro shots of kids toys for yet another P52 challenge in Macro Photography.

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