Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I've Learned in 2012!

Thanks to the Project 12: A Year in the Life of You, I've learned about two different types of photography. The first required layout for January was to do a layout using the "triptych" style. The definition of triptych, as presented in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is as follows: something composed or presented in three parts or sections.  When I first read the description of a 'triptych' which has three elements to a photo, ie head, torso, feet, all I thought was that there was no wide-angle lens wide enough for my torso. Not wanting to really have myself photographed and taken apart like that, I decided to 'ham it up' as I usually do when I'm uncomfortable. Then I remembered my son's iPad takes photos and distorts them so much that they become hilarious. We had tears running down our cheeks on Christmas as each of the family was photographed that way. So, here is my assignment. I will do others, but they won't be of me, that's a certainty! For your personal enjoyment, may I present "Myself" to you.

In order to get a narrow waist, something totally foreign to me at any given stage of my life, save between ages 0 - 4 years, it was necessary for me to have my photograph taken using my son’s “iPad”. Now that amazing tablet can do strange things to a face; it can make it thinner, fatter, longer and all mushed up . Having always wanted to have an 18-inch waist, I forced my son to keep taking pics until I was satisfied with my torso. Only then did I realize what it did to my face! Who cares, I look skinny in the middle of my body. Unfortunately, this Beautiful, Magical Princess will have to get used to having a face like an alien, at least for this brief moment in time.

The second assignment was to use the "diptych". Definition: the art of putting two photos side by side to make a captivating composition. Typically, the photos when paired, will support each other and when combined create an entirely new feeling.

Here is my take on the diptych style of photography!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Jackson and Ava to a terrific kid-space called Funmazing. They could run, jump, climb, slide and have a wonderful time. As is usually the case when kids are enjoying themselves, going to the bathroom is on the list of things-to-do. While watching Ava dance around while trying to tell me something, it occurred to me that a trip to the Necessary Room was now at the top of the list. After completing the task, Ava washed her hands and while drying them at the dryer (see photos) I wondered what the view of the dryer was like for a 3-year old. With January’s assignment 2 in mind, I whipped out my cell phone and snapped these two photos. Now that is one dedicated scrapper to take photos of the hand dryer in the ladies’ room! I hope whoever sees this page in the year 2050 will appreciate my efforts to leave a pictorial legacy for my family.

I'll just bet you can't wait to see what February's assignments will be, can you?

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