Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ADSR6 - Challenge 8

Oh my, but the time is flying by for this race. Already we are at Challenge 8! That means only four more left, or another two weeks. WAH! This has been so much fun. Here's my layout for this leg of the race.

When my own children see this, they may not agree with what I've said, but, I've reached these conclusions as the much older and wiser (I hope) person than the Mom they may remember. If not, then they should look at the kind of grandmother I am trying to be.

ADSR Prize 4 - Family and Friends by NDISB Creative Team with exception of
Bow Ribbon (recoloured by me) from Lovers Glade by DaniMoy Designs
Chromed Alpha by Etc_by_Danyale for title
Fonts: Regency, Century Gothic
Journalling reads:
Family provides the opportunity to teach unconditional love.
Family provides the opportunity to encourage another human being to be the best they can be.
Family provides the opportunity to provide a safe environment to learn and grow.
Family provides the opportunity to be joyful whenever we are all together.

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