Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speed Scrap with Connie Prince

Well, Connie had to miss this one, but her trusty side-kick TerryF was there to provide the instructions. It's always fun, no matter who is 'running the show' and, as a little extra bonus, I discovered a local digi-scrapper and maybe we can get together for coffee soon. How cool would that be.....anyway, here's my layout for the speed scrap.

Kirsten sent this picture of James and Owen using the microscopes at The British Museum of Natural History. I know Owen is definitely in a 'dinosaur' phase right now and James, well, I'm sure he just follows big brother. I was lucky to have the Lego dinosaur pictures from my trip the The Mall of America almost three years ago, proving that if you hang on to old photos long enough, you will find a use for them!

I used the kit, Jelly Beanie, a collaboration by Connie Prince and Bella Gypsy.

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Crystal said...

How cute! Love this layout!